Kids Against Hunger Packing Schedule

Date Time OrganizationGroup SizePack Patrol
Sat Dec 310:30-noonRoosevelt HIgh School boys basketball20Jeff, Scott
Wed Dec 76-7:30 p.m.St. Therese Catholic Church17Jeff, Bruce
Sat Dec 1010-11:30 a.m.Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!Bruce, Scott
Sat Dec 1010-11:30Leaders of Tomorrow40Bruce, Scott
Tues Dec 136-7:30 p.m.SALSATBDJeff, Scott, Irene
Wed Dec 286-7:30 p.m.Two families8Deanna
Wed Jan 46-7:30 p.m.Holy Cross Lutheran Church22Deanna
Sat Jan 710-11:30 a.m.Faith Baptist BellowshipTBD
Sun Jan 86-7:30 p.m.Lincoln HIgh School Student Council30-35Deanna
Sat Jan 1410-11:30 a.m.Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!
Sat Jan 1410-11:30 a.m.Leaders of Tomorrow20
Wed Jan 186-7:30 p.m.University of Sioux Falls softball23
Sat Jan 2110-11:30 a.m.Our Redeemer Sioux Falls

Wed Jan 256-7:30 p.m.Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church60
Sat Jan 28All dayMadison Community Pack

Wed Feb 16-7:30 p.m.Hilltop United Methodist Church15
Sat Feb 1110-11:30 a.m.Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!
Sat Feb 18All dayFairmont, MN, Community Pack

Mon Feb 276-7:30 p.m.All City Elementary25