Kids Against Hunger Packing Schedule

Date Time OrganizationGroup SizePack Patrol
Sat Jan 288-2Madison Community Pack300+Deanna, Les, Scott
Wed Feb 16-7:30 Hilltop United Methodist Church15Bruce, Oscar
Wed Feb 86-7:30Holy Cross Lutheran Church22Deanna
Wed Feb 86-7:30Trinity Lutheran Church - Tea22Deanna
Sat Feb 1110-11:30 Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!Deanna
Sat Feb 1110-11:30 NRC Homeschool Group30Deanna, Les
Wed Feb 156-7:30 Lennox Second Reformed and First English Lutheran youth group30-40Deanna
Sat Feb 18All dayFairmont, MN, Community Pack400Deanna, Les, Scott
Wed Feb 229-10:30 Embrace Church22Deanna
Mon Feb 276-7:30 All City Elementary25Deanna
Wed Mar 16-7:30Southern Hills Church25
Sat Mar1110-11:30Second Saturday Open Pack
(Think 3D Solutions - 25 people)
All are welcome!
Sat Mar112-3:30114th Medical Group45-50
Wed Mar156-7:30Christ Lutheran Church of Hartford - middle school50
Wed Mar226-7:30Christ Lutheran Church of Hartford20-25
6-7:30Inwood First Reformed 45
Sat Apr810-11:30Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!
Wed Apr196-7:30St. Michael'sTBD
Sat May1310-11:30Second Saturday Open PackAll are welcome!
Tues July 113-4:30First National BankTBD